Handling personal data during recruitment and selection processes:

For job vacancies announced by Eurogate Rail Hungary Zrt. for specific positions can be applied by submitting a CV containing personal information, school qualifications and work experience. The announcement of the individual positions specifies exactly the list of documents that must be attached as proof.

If, for the protection of the employee's interests or health, the law expressly orders it, Eurogate Rail Hungary Zrt. also handles data on age, gender and fertility / pregnancy.

Eurogate Rail Hungary Zrt. deals with the submitted application data only in connection with the recruitment process, and only those Eurogate-employees who are involved in the selection process will have knowledge about its content.

Submitted material of the recruited and employed staff will be saved in the personnel register. Eurogate Rail Hungary Zrt. will keep the application materials of the rejected applicants, for a period of 6 months, if not ordered otherwise, and will be considered in case of any additional appropriate open positions occur. Rejected applicants will be notified of this fact by e-mail.

After six months, the application materials will be irrevocably eliminated by Eurogate Rail Hungary Zrt.

Eurogate Rail Hungary Zrt. reserves the right to view public information published on the social media pages during the recruitment and selection process.

For filling certain position, a rail-health physical examination is required. During these procedures, Eurogate Rail Hungary Zrt. requests data regulated by law and transmits them also described by applicable law.

In the selection process, Eurogate Rail Hungary Zrt. may test candidates' ability to understand the basic comprehension of their reading and counting and these results will be handled in the same way as personal data.