Security is a primary requirement at Eurogate, on the other hand, it is an essential condition for the success and development of the company. The safety of rail transportation is a business policy and an important element of our competitiveness.

In all business areas, Eurogate established strict quality standards, safety rules and goals. It operates quality, safety, and maintenance system based on Risk management system, which contributes to the safety of railway operations’ continuous improvement.

It is our main task to ensure security in all segments of our activity and in all workflows. Compliance with the safety standards can not be challenged by any economical, organizational or personal interests.

Compliance and enforcement of quality and safety is not only limited to the direct work area. Every employee, in addition to being responsible for security and safety during their performance in job, in cooperation with other colleagues, they must require from each other as well to follow safety standards. We together take responsibility for our work quality, as well as for the safety of our employees, partners and the environment.

We ensure safe and adequate condition of the own operated, rented and 3rrd party rail vehicles by the maintenance management system with effective monitoring, documentation and suppliers control, which is integrated in our safety management system. 

Supervision of the supply chain for safety-relevant products and services suppliers is monitored by continuous procedures. The system includes the transfer of safety-relevant information to any third parties related to the company's railway operating activities.

The cardinal element of our security systems is the continuous, high-quality training, and communicating of results. The security policy can only be realized with employees who are familiar with the regulations, and can use them reliably. We provide dedicated education, skills trainings to enable our colleagues to act consciously according to all safety requirements.