Aid For Single Wagonload Transport


Based on the decision of the Hungarian government and the approval of the aid scheme by the European Commission, freight railway companies can apply for a total state contribution of more than HUF 26 billion by 2025 in order to maintain their single wagonload transport service, which will improve the competitiveness of environmentally friendly rail freight.

The state aid scheme for single wagonload transport, implemented as an initiative of the professional advocacy group of the Hungarian railway sector, the HUNGRAIL Hungarian Rail Association, is an important milestone, thanks to which the railway can offer an environmentally friendly alternative for companies requiring the transportation of up to a few trucks of load at a time.

We are proud to participate in this scheme, which will ensure the long-term employment of thousands of railway workers and the growth of environmentally friendly modes of transport!

Floyd Zrt received the following aid amounts between 16.09.2021-31.12.2021:

September:  1 673 953 HUF
Oktober:  7 623 114 HUF
November:  6 363 313 HUF
December:  3 612 310 HUF
Total:  19 272 690 HUF


Eurogate Rail Hungary Zrt. received the following aid amounts between 01.01.2022-31.03.2022:

Januar:  6 760 392 HUF (paid)
Februar:  6 682 871 HUF (paid)
März:  1 220 135 HUF (payment date: 13rd May 2022)
Total:  14 663 398 HUF