As a railway company, we contribute to shifting traffic to the eco-friendly transport carrier rail. With the endeavour of economic optimization of our services we have, in the interest of our customers, concluded a contract with the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology for our types of traffic, which run on the Austrian railway network, to guarantee a promotion of the aid programme for providing rail freight transport services in certain forms of production.

All invoices of Eurogate, which involve eligible rail freight transport services, include information about the extent of aids that are invoiced for transport services.

Aid rates per unit for transit traffic through Austria

GC 20, WAB 20, WAB 25 up to 25 tons: 22,44 €
GC 20, WAB 20, WAB 25 from 25 tons: 14,40 €
GC 30, WAB 30 up to 25 tons: 27,48 €
GC 30, WAB 30 from 25 tons: 22,80 €
GC 40, SAN 70, WAB 40 up to 25 tons: 34,44 €
GC 40, SAN 70, WAB 40 from 25 tons: 27,60 €